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 II. Synopsis
Posted:Aug 21 2017, 08:55 AM
the plot
SYG is a character-driven Pokémon site. Our plot centres around Ottokar, a fictional country based in the northern hemisphere of the Pokémon world. Once a free and proud country, Ottokar bit off more than it could chew when it attacked the neighbouring of country of Corinth. Planning to free the Corinthian people from a totalitarian regime and suspected Pokémon rights abuses, the tides quickly turned on Ottokar, and the invaded became the invader as Corinth took control of the once great and proud country.

Now, the country of Ottokar has been held under the reign of Corinth for almost twelve years, following a brutal war that left the country devastated and the people downtrodden. The capital city of Eintracht, Ottokar is currently under military control, governed by the Overseer's iron fist and his extensive army of Pokémorphs (hybrids of humans and Pokémon). These hybrids act to suppress any and all acts of disobedience against the regime by the Overseer's will. Gyms have been closed. Surveillance is total. Privacy is nil. Attempting to defy laws and restrictions leads to jail or worse: the mysterious District 18.

Under Corinth's sovereign, discrimination runs high. Corinthian rule favours those of military descent and of Pokémorph or Human origin, leaving Pokémon and native Mutants left to squalor in the slums. Those who do make it into military ranks are despised as traitors by their own kind, and treated with disgust. In recent years, new laws have further discriminated against the two species. The native Pokémon, sentient and capable of speech, have been degraded to the status of tools, chipped and monitored like wild animals. In the meantime, mutants (empowered humans) have been forced to register their status in a public database and wear defining bracelets (civilian) or armbands (military), limiting their work options and allowing open discrimination by businesses.

As the regime grows more totalitarian, exerting force on the population, an extensive underground rebellion has begun to develop - fighting to reclaim the region and Ottokar's independence from the Corinthian forces once more. They hide in the sewers of the city and operate to undermine and overtake the Corinthian rule. The rebellion awaits its moment, striking with a mixture of public terrorism and infrastructure sabotage. Composed of a mixture of Pokémon, mutants, and humans, they use their own technology - Augments - to attempt to regain control of their country.

So far, they have not been successful.

Will you change the tide?


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