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 Who's who and face claim list
Posted:Aug 21 2017, 05:04 PM
Who plays whom?

ALEXANDER DELACROIX, Military, Overseer's Secretary & Personal Assassin
THE BULWARK, Rebel, Polaris Terrorist Leader
JESSE, Civilian, Pimp & Gambling Game Master

Mew, Civilian, Pokemon Walker
Victini, Civilian, Student

Luca Serratore, Civilian, Sad Mafioso
Maia Ribiero, Rebel, Polaris Terrorist Member
Raikou, Civilian, Courier
Voltaire Delacroix, Military, Robotics Engineering Student (Overseer's son)
Xerneas, Civilian, Professor

Nyx, Civilian, Erebus Rhapsody Café Owner

Hunter Coleman, Civilian, Vagabond

Vivian Sinclair, Military, Assassin

Blake McKinley, Military, Soldier (grunt)
Caterina Serratore, Civilian, Loanshark Mafiosa
Diancie, Rebel, Financial Contributor
phantom, Rebel, Polaris Terrorist Leader
Terra, Military, Policeman
The Thieves, Rebel, Bandits

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Posted:Aug 21 2017, 06:55 PM
Face Claims


Clannad Tomoyo Sakagami • Mew

DC Universe, Pandora • Kit
D. Gray Man, Yuu Kanda • Luca Serratore
Dangan Ronpa, Kirigiri Kyouko • Caterina Serratore


Fate/Stay Night, Gilgamesh • Raikou
Futari Wa My Angel,Kyousuke Torii • Victini


K Project, Mikoto Suoh • Voltaire Delacroix
K-Kuroko no Basuke, Ryouta Kisa • Blake McKinley


Prince of Stride, Kuga Kyosuke • Xerneas


Saiyuki Sha Gojyo • Gabe
Saint Seiya, Ikki Phoenix • @Hunter Coleman

Tiger&Bunny, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi • Terra
Togainu no Chi, Shiki • Alexander Delacroix
Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki Ken / Haise Sasaki • THE BULWARK
Touken Ranbu, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro • phantom


Yu GI OH, Masumi Kotsu• Diancie


None at the moment!

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