Cecelia doesn’t like political, religious, or personal matters. They make her cry, don't make Cecelia cry. She also doesn’t like it when people badger staff for mod posts or to check apps (please use the tagbox under Links & Tags). She requests that people do not advertise or be hostile in the chat as well. If there is an issue, please contact staff privately. Let’s keep Cecelia happy and have a fun time! [Link to Cecelia]

This is the plotter box. He's currently without a name because his parents are rather lame. As one can imagine, one can plot in the plotter box, but RPing and other OOC dialogue are strictly forbidden. Please keep it fun for everyone.


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 I. The Community Rules
Posted:Apr 1 2016, 01:25 PM
Jcink's Terms of Service
Users agree to assume full responsibility for all posts and Content associated with the forum and acknowledge that they may be held legally for the Contents of the forum. Any forum breaking the rules stated in these Terms of Service will be suspended or terminated without notice. Customer is responsible for ensuring that all Content that exists on their forum posted by users and themselves doesn't violate the Terms of Service and the law. The following Content is not allowed to be uploaded, emailed, posted, or linked to:

    a. Content that violates the laws of New Jersey, United States of America or Los Angeles, United States of America.
    b. Content that you are explicitly prohibited from distributing by contract.
    c. Content that is tortious (wrongful) as per the laws of the United States of America.
    d. Content that infringes upon intellectual property rights of others.
    e. Content you do not have the legal right to distribute.
    f. Content that could cause harm to the Service or its users, including, but not limited to viruses, phishing, and other malware.
    g. Content that violates child pornography or child exploitation laws in the United States.

Out of Character Conduct
I. First and foremost, remember the golden rules: respect & kindness. Respect fellow members and respect staff. Treat others as you wish to be treated. No bigotry, verbal abuse, or offensive conduct toward anyone will be tolerated. Discrimination is not allowed on SYG. Any member found to be discriminating or harassing another will be removed.

II. Secondly, none of our members should be below the age of sixteen. All mature-rated threads can only have participants over the age of eighteen.

III. Please register an OOC account before making any character accounts. This will be the account messaged for any questions, complaints, profile reviews, and notifications so it is mandatory that you make one.

IV. Staff have the right to deny your concept/apps should they believe these concepts do not fit with the site's setting and lore.

V. Do not insert adult topics or constant profanity into OOC areas. We expect that maturity comes with our adult themes. This includes the c-box (Cecelia) which is viewable to the public and thus meant to be guest-friendly.

VI. Targeting our members and mass and/or false advertising offsite protocols (chats) or sites be it on chat, via PM, or elsewhere, is greatly frowned upon. While there is no issue inviting your friends to places you hang out, targetting the majority of our site's populace is called member leaching which can and will result in ban.

VII. Shop loans are not allowed. To purchase an item from the site shop, you must earn the funds yourself; these funds can come from any of your accounts. You can do this by posting anywhere on the forum (each post earns you 5 PokéDollars) or advertising the site (each advertisement earns you 5 PokéDollars).

in character
I. We do not require face claims. If you choose to use an image, please refrain from utilizing real-life celebrities.

II. Hover avatars are 200x400 pixels, mini profile icons are 100x100 pixels, application icons are 200x200 pixels, and application banners are 550x165 pixels.

III. We have a required word count of 100 words on Save Your Goodbyes. Please be respectful of your partner and the constraints of your current threads. In a fast-paced mission thread, it might be ill-advised to toss out three thousand word posts.

IV. Godmoding, Metagaming, and Powerplaying are strictly prohibited and are not tolerated on SYG:

Metagaming: is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of, and typically gives the character an unfair advantage (Wikipedia).
Powerplaying: is the assuming control of another's character without permission, be it action or mind control. Do not assume control of another player's character. Allow them room to respond to any action taken within your post.
Godmoding: includes “features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts” (Godmoding). Forum roleplay players can’t use exploits or cheat codes to power-up their characters (Forum Roleplay). Upon character creation, if we find your concept too powerful or too overwhelming for a group role play, we will ask you to make changes and have the right to deny apps if those changes aren't made.

V. While we allow mature content, please label all adult threads with an [M] or [TW] for topics including: drug abuse, suicide, excessive gore and violence, rape, child abuse, and other related topics in the title bar, and to list the [M] or [TW] topics in the first post. This is not to "kiddify" the site, but to let readers know what to expect when going into such a thread. We ask that you be considerate.

VI. You may not write out graphic scenes of rape, sexual assault, or pedophilia on site. All characters in adult situations must be over the age of eighteen.

VII. Please refrain from interpreting in-character situations as out of character opinions. Players are not their characters.

VIII. Please keep realism in mind at all times. While we are in a fantastical world, we ask that consequences be considered with each chosen action.

IX. You must fill out your miniature profile (Controls > Edit profile) before your character is approved. The information within is extremely helpful for members and staff alike, including profiles. You may leave dummy links (http://) for anything such as profile and plotter for OOC accounts only.

X. Once you have made your first two character, you must have made 20 IC posts on each before you can make another. This applies for every subsequent character you make. Please note that this is 20 IC posts per character: 40 posts on one character does not allow you to make two new ones.

I. Please be kind and respectful to one another. Avoid insults, hazing, and general displays of a bad attitude.

II. Leave personal matters, politics, and religion out of our chat. Take these discussions to another area. This rule will be strictly enforced as to limit drama.

III. Please do not use the c-box as a place to vent frustrations or pester staff. If there is an issue, please contact staff privately.

IV. Dropping a couple character dialogue in the c-box now and then is fine; however, roleplaying on the c-box is prohibited. You may plot in our Plotter Box instead. Unrelated discussions should be kept out of the Plotter Box.

V. Certain graphic content (e.g. images of pornography, excessive gore, and sexualised minors) should not be posted in the c-box. As the c-box is public with no enforced age approval, it is meant to be a guest (all age) friendly area. Please be considerate to the fact that not everyone who stumbles upon our site (and consequently our chat) is an adult.

VI. Please do not advertise or discuss other sites or chats on Cecelia. We have a forum board for that.

VII. Tag/link your finished profiles in the Tag Box (under Links & Tags). This is to assure staff knows when you're finished.

VIII. Cbox Ghosting is when an individual remains active in the chat without being active as a member and contributing to the forum. While the chat serves a very valuable role to the site and we greatly value our social community on SYG, we are (first and foremost) a roleplaying site. Our members are here to roleplay. If you do not wish to roleplay here, we kindly ask you to leave and find another avenue that piques your interests.

For Your Thread Labeling Needs
Character Tags

  • [WIP] - work in progress. Use this for unfinished characters.
  • [F] - Finished. Use this for profiles ready for review.
Thread Tags

  • [M] - For threads that contain mature content. This content is 18+ and is not suited for general viewing. Be cautious.
  • [O], [Open] - Open Thread. Any character may post in these threads.
  • [(character name(s))] - Thread limited to a specific character or character(s). Generally assumed to be closed threads until assumed otherwise.
  • [MOD] - Mod thread. If one would like moderator intervention, this is the tag to use.
  • [MIL] - Thread for characters of the Corinthian Military. Optional.
  • [REB] - Thread for characters against the Corinthian government. Optional.
  • [CIV] - Thread for civilians. Optional.

More tags may be added as necessary, especially for events.


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