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terlim Posted on Aug 21 2017, 08:52 AM
Region MapThe continent (Name) is home to two territories: the northern territory of Corinth and the southern territory of Ottokar. Together, they are neighbours to Valspar, an island separated by the Valsparian Sea that also happens to belong to Ottokar. Whilst Corinth is treated as its own singular region, Ottokar - due to its grand size - is treated as five regions: the desert Western Reaches, the vast Broken Plains, the lush Totenkopf Forest, and the frigid Himmel Mountains. Valspar and the Valsparian Sea are also regions. This entire nation happens to belong to Corinth upon successfully conquering the Ottokar empire one decade ago.The main setting of our story is Eintracht, capital city of Ottokar. OttokarOld Castle DistrictClimate Various; generally cool and windy • Terrain Various Ottokar was once a proud nation with strong ethics. This country also housed multiple religions (particularly those dedicated to legendary and mythical Pokémon) before Corinth's occupation. From a religious perspective, it is thought that "gifted humans" (mutants) originated from Ottokar. They also previously hosted seasonal festivals as part of tradition until being forbidden to do so. Before being occupied by Corinth, Ottokar was also paving a path for Pokémon rights, and had a few prime examples of Pokémon and Man cohabitating with one another - particularly ways of marriage - despite their neighbour's disapproval. Though their technology was behind the times, they made up for it with their clever and resourceful ways. For example: their engineers, architects, among others, had the mechanical intellect to reconstruct Corinth's superior technological wastes to make crude, albeit functioning advancements such as "augmented beings." Ottokar did not have military academies and they allowed humans, mutants, and Pokémon alike to enroll in school (though, with Pokémon still earning their rights, there was a hefty fee for minorities to partake in said education). Education provided one with Ottokar's general history that just about every Ottokari born at least two decades ago knows by heart (like how Ottokar used to be a monarchy). This was accompanied by core academics such as maths, sciences, languages, and the arts. However, since Corinth's occupation, this is no longer the case. Current education can be found in Corinth's informationEintracht (Capital City of Ottokar)Eintracht is the capital of Ottokar, and base to the Corinthian empire. Much has changed in the past decade since Corinth seized Ottokar: massive, sterile buildings have been erected. Surveillance and checkpoints are heavy - especially in Castle District. Propaganda is everywhere, even in education. Religion and festivals have been banned, and have since been practised in secrecy. Laws and stipulations specifically target both Mutants and Pokémon alike. All mutants must be registered and wear an unremovable bracelet if civilian, or a blue armband if in the military. Pokémon have curfews, locked Pokéballs, and typically don't get promotions or outstanding paychecks. Terrorism - of both governmental and rebellious nature - has become commonplace. CorinthClimate Harsh frigidity, snow and ice • Terrain Mountainous Located in the heart of the mountains, Corinth is thought to be a very cold and sterile place, and is split into two: "Old Corinth" and "New Corinth." Old Corinth consists of sturdy stoned villages scattered across the mountains with some on flat tundras and others carved into the mountains. New Corinth is the pinnacle of science and is where the ruling figure resides. It is a protuberant, albeit camouflaged structure within the mountains. On the outside, it is a daunting tank of metal. Inside, it has an artificial sky, indoor agriculture, an artificial water source, among many other elements that promote luxurious living. Living in Corinth comes with many hardships, and this was one way its people overcame it. Due to its advanced nature, security is tight. Every citisen has set privileges. Soldiers, diplomats, scientists, and other prized individuals have greater privileges that grant them access into areas normal civilians can't get into. New Corinth - which governs over Old Corinth and Ottokar - prioritises science over religion as well as knowledge and advancement over ethics. It is the leading powerhouse in terms of science, technology, and bio warfare. They were the ones to create spliced Pokémon and the prized soldiers: Pokémorphs. They do not have religions, and those that are religious must practise in secrecy for it is against the law. They also have strict laws against Pokémon (such as locked Pokéballs, curfews, population control, no civilian rights) which was what antagonised Ottokar into invading them in the first place - but to no avail. As science, warfare, self-preservation, and - most importantly - obedience are the fundamentals of Corinth, they favour military academies (which have also been erected and promoted in Ottokar). They also have "regular education" for "cattle-like" individuals. Propaganda is everywhere, even in education. One will learn only what Corinth wants one to learn.Antioch (Capital City of Corinth) The New Corinth fortress is actually the capital of Corinth. It is called Antioch.

Foreign RelationsUntil the war, migration was allowed to Ottokar. In the present, individuals are strictly screened for any political, criminal or journalist connections that may mark them as risky individuals to invite into the country. The process itself is lengthy, involving a number of interviews and the purchase of a very expensive worth visa, and intended to wean out those who might have less than business means for visiting the country. Tourists are also allowed, but restricted in movement and required to travel with 'guides' who monitor their movements.ValsparThis island exists off the coast of Ottokar and was a tiny monarchy before its conquest by Ottokar a few decades prior. It was known for its hardy population and patriotism, with a strong devotion by the people to their ruler. However, reports of abuse towards pokemon drew international ire and the eventual attention of Ottokar. It is now held under martial law and the monarch has been removed from power. Internationally, Valspar is still recognised as its own country, and some nations have demanded its release. Ottokar and now Corinth refuse to grant this.Rest of the world United Confederation Hoenn Republic Kingdom of Kalos Sinnoh Union Republic of Unova Alola IslandsUnited Confederation Once individual countries, the countries of Johto, Kanto and the Sevii islands merged around 150 years ago to form the United Confederation. A global super power, they are highly influential on the global field and are often looked to as a role model of policy. Harbouring a liberal democracy, the confederation is currently on frosty terms with Corinth, having been a large trading partner of Ottokar. They currently maintain an embargo against trade with the country and advise their citizens to avoid migrating to the nation. Hoenn Republic The Hoenn Republic is one of the most liberal countries within the world. It is currently the only country where pokemon are guaranteed equal rights to humans and has a reputation for supporting humanitarian causes and issues. Its officials are appalled by Corinth’s recent moves against both mutants and pokemon and currently tensions are high between the two countries. They support the trade embargo by the United Confederation and recommend that their citizens do not travel to the country. Kingdom of Kalos Kalos is a very traditional, conservative country. It is currently the only country to maintain a monarchy and is much more conservative when it comes to rights. Pokemon are offered minimal rights to pay for labour, but are otherwise still restricted and regarded as lesser by most people. The country itself tries to stay neutral on the international stage and maintains some trade with Corinth. Pressure from its larger trade partner, the Hoenn Republic, has resulted in it withdrawing from some significant deals in recent months. It disapproved of Ottokar's activities with the Kingdom of Valspar and continues to recognise Valspar as its own nation under sovereign control.Sinnoh Union A highly conservative state. the Sinnoh union is another super power on the global stage. There is a significant divide between rich and poor within the country, but most citizens are highly nationalistic and look to their presidential leader as something close to a father. With extensive trade connections and a highly conservative, scientific culture, Sinnoh is Corinth’s closest trading party and it opposes sanctions against the nation. Citizens from Sinnoh are welcomed with fewer checks than other countries. Democratic Republic of Unova A self-enclosed, patriotic nation, the Democratic Republic of Unova has long functioned in isolation from the rest of the world. Only in the last century has it opened up to trade and migration from other countries and it remains a relative unknown to some of the other countries, with varying customs. While it is very liberal in some ways, allowing for pokemon rights and supporting mutants within its borders, it is very conservative in others and remains very protectionist in how it treats its citizens and trade. It continues to trade with Ottokar, valuing the rich oil and coal deposits found within the region, but does so on an unrecognised basis, officially opposing the Corinthian takeover. Alola Islands A small nation, the Alola islands remain a dwarf nation in the eyes of the world and sometimes struggle for recognition on a global stage. With a relaxed, vibrant culture, they are very liberal towards pokemon and mutant, valuing their contributions in society and claim to be the happiest place in the world. The Alola Islands oppose the rights abuses but have trade agreements with the Corinthian state. They are trying to grow by expanding their tourist industry and selling themselves as a tax haven for the rich to enhance investment.
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