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Posted:Aug 21 2017, 06:10 PM
Frequently Asked Questions
Eintracht (Capital City)

What are checkpoints like? How can they identify mutants?

When a person passes through a checkpoint, he or she will be scanned by two devices on either side of the entryway. These devices are very similar to the full-body scanners seen at airports and large-scale retails. These scanners can detect potential tangible threats such as weapons, and they can also detect mutations (which are considered to be equally threatening). While these scanners can’t read the exact nature of a mutation when inactive, they can guestimate with great accuracy what type of mutation it might be, such as geokinesis, telekinesis, to list a couple. This means that checkpoints can tell whether or not a mutant is registered.

How old does one have to be to legally use alcohol? To smoke?

Twenty-one years for all controlled substances, save those that have been prescribed. Note that these substances are under intense scrutiny by the higher-up and more puritanically-presented members of society (particularly those of Corinth). Sale of over-the-counter drugs to minors result in prison sentences for months or years. That does not mean others will not try.


How does the Pokémorph Process Work?

Pokémorphs are often regarded as the pinnacle of Corinthian science; it's a science in and of itself. Pokémon DNA introduced into stem cells and bacteria trigger and lead the shift in species. The actual process can take anywhere from weeks to months; therapy is often the lengthiest part of all. Despite the breadth of gene-splicing, the process is far from perfect. Seen or unseen, Pokémorphs face deformities from their newfound identity. While many physical debilities may be fixed, it's oft beyond the budget to sculpt a more human- or Pokémon-like image. Sterilization is mandatory in all but the most stringent cases - second-generation Morphs are some of the most heavily monitored.

Why can’t Pokémorphs and Pokésplices (mega)evolve?

Splices’ genetic make-up has been corrupted from the splicing process, which makes their transformations (evolutions) extremely unpredictable. They’ve essentially become too unstable to evolve and thus evolving could prove fatal in most cases, irreparably crippling in rare cases. This also applies to mega-evolution. For Pokémorphs spliced with Pokémon DNA capable of mega-evolving, megastones have become a common means of assassination.

How old does one have to be to become a Pokémorph?

Twenty-one years of age for new Pokémorphs; second-generation or "birthed" morphs are, well...


What do people eat? How about Pokémon?

In the temperate Ottokar, vegetation is readily apparent - sometimes to an extreme. While wheat, oats, corn, and potatoes are staples, leafy greens are the most common item on the menu. Meat, a necessity for some, is often obtained fresh. Substitutes exist, albeit prohibitive or non-carnivore friendly ones. Most of humanity in Ottokar practice a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

In the rocky Corinth, vegetation is much harder to grow for sustainable subsistence. Humanity, especially in Corinth, has a long relationship of using Pokémon and other non-Pokémon animals as a food source. The sale of some Pokémon meat, such as psychic-type or canine, is considered a black-market affair.

Where can I find more Information on Pokémon culture?

This is entirely dependent on the the type of Pokémon. Check here for more details.

Can Pokémon with two mega-evolutions use them both at once?

No. If a Pokémon attempts to use two or more mega-stones at once, the results will be fatal or irreparably crippling for the same reason splices can't evolve - their genetic make-up becomes too unstable.

Can two Pokémon of different egg groups reproduce with each other?

No. Pokémon cannot breed/reproduce unless they're of the same egg group. Pokémon cannot reproduce with humans or Pokémorphs, either. Legendary and Mythical Pokémon available at SYG cannot breed/reproduce at all.


Do other regions exist? If so, can I take my characters there?

All regions present in main-series Pokémon games also exist in Save Your Goodbyes. Certain events may reference. Do note that travel to the outside world is forbidden to most Corinthian citizens; a tight border only emphasizes this. It is not currently advised to leave the mainland.

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