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 Hector Steinheil [F]
Posted:Feb 11 2018, 08:57 AM
Hector Steinheil



His family descended from former nobility who fell into obscurity and was outstripped by the “new money” long before the War. They owned a small estate in North Totenkopf. The estate was run by his paternal grandfather.

His father was a novelist and a compulsive gambler. His mother was an engineer. She ran the estate until the War.

He is the Third child among four siblings. The First, his older brother was the overachiever heir. The Second, his older sister was a ranking officer of the Ottokari military. The Fourth, his younger brother, was a lazy layabout who spent much of his time in the shadow of his older siblings.Hector spent much of his time with his grandfather, a shrewd old doctor who loved teaching and telling stories.

Hector had a quiet childhood. He was a curious, if unassuming child, if it was not for his secret: he dissected Pokemon. At the age of eight, he started with the corpses of Pokemon he found in his trips and long walks in the estate and the nearby woods. As the years went by, he got bolder and he went and dissected the sick and the dying. He became a bogeyman among the local Pokemon, and was known by unflattering names as “Butcher” and “Murderer”.

When he was twelve, his grandfather found out after a slip-up on his part. He was usually meticulous when cleaning up, but he slipped and left traces. The family bribed and pulled many strings so that instead of getting sent to a youth correctional facility, he was sent away to a boarding school, away from the local Pokemon groups that may wish him harm.

Somehow, the truth slipped, and he got a reputation for cutting up cutting up Pokemon. This reputation grew out of proportion no thanks to rumors, gossip and hearsay. Everyone thinks he's some kind of sociopath. It was not uncommon for him to get into arguments and fights. He became a pariah.

His Grandfather died while he was away. His mother took over running the estate.

As soon as he graduated high school, he left for Otto University where studied to become a doctor for humans. He wishes to use his skills for good. As far as he was concerned, his childhood days of dissecting Pokemon was long behind him.

There, he met Anya, another medical student. She was an immigrant who hailed from the Valspar. She was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to him in his adult life. She understood him, and even if he did horrid things as a kid she did not judge him. The two quickly fell in love with each other.

The War happened shortly after he graduated. He joined as a medic upon his siblings’ urging. He does not see the appeal of “liberating” what he perceived as simple beasts, but he still complied.

He was assigned at the skirmishes near the family estate, an area that almost straddles the border between Ottokar and Corinth. Thanks to nepotism, he rarely saw any fighting, and was in charge of treating refugees and civilians caught in battle. Anya stayed at Otto University to finish her studies.

He was looking forward to the end of the War, but his hopes were dashed with Corinth’s unveiling of the Pokemorphs. His older sister died in the Battle of Minas Path. Weeks later, Anya’s family asked her to return back to her homeland for her own safety. She complied, but promised Hector that she will come back someday.

When the War ended, Anya was unable to return. Her family forbid her to go back to Ottokar, and Hector urged her to stay there in Valspar (even if he hated himself for it). He was devastated when he learned she married and had a family of her own.

His older brother, who had been crippled, joined the Rebellion, while the youngest brother took over running the estate as reward for turning his back on his family.

He returned to the capital, where opened a small clinic and acted as a back-alley doctor to anyone who can pay. From there, he acquired connections to the local mafia as a discrete yet expensive medical professional.


Cold outside, raging inside. He barely shows emotion, but he feels them very strongly. He is known to bear grudges for years. In spite of his cold demeanor, he is a romantic who is fond of children and stories. He believes that one should follow their dreams. (He once chose Duty over Love, and he regretted it ever since.)

He does not take pleasure in any form of violence. While he never starts any fights, he will end them one way or another. He has no compunction killing pokemon if it meant covering his tracks. Same goes for everyone else if he hates them enough/he is angry enough. Most of the time he does not see Pokemon as Pokemon. Sometimes he does not see people as people.

He is proud of his heritage due to his upbringing. He has a sense of fair play and holds himself to a much higher standard. Because of his higher standards, he tends to keep up appearance. He is fastidious, clean and very, very formal.

He is also known for his awful bedside manner. He is paid to treat patients not to be nice to them. He sees his patients as a source of income. Pay him enough and he’ll treat the patient, no matter the species. He won’t grumble but he won’t be nice about it either. He insists that he is a professional.

Due to his family history (see: father and youngest brother), he dislikes wasteful spending. He dislikes waste in general.



He admires their utilitarian outlook, but despises them for the War. He blames the Empire for forcing Anya to leave the country. He is also disgusted by the Pokemorph procedure they developed.


He’s ambivalent. He’s proud of his roots and his brother is with them so there’s some fondness. On the other hand, they cause him his fair share of grief. Most members give him grief due to his inability to acknowledge Pokemon as people, along with the heinous acts he did when he was young.


No opinion. He was never interested in the League to begin with. He may have had patients from ex-Leaguers every now and then, but he does not pry.



He doesn’t live in their territory. Live and let live.


He has a few connections to them and will work for them for a price.


Unaffiliated. He’s amoral, not stupid. Also he has standards.


He is totally unaware of their existence. He does not think Pokemon are intelligent enough to form societies outside of small packs.

The Church

He thinks this is a cult.


Ambivalent. Live and let live.


He thinks they are disgusting. He thinks fiddling with one’s genetic code and splicing nonstandard anatomy into oneself is the height of idiocy, even if it is for the sake of power.


He sees it as the safer alternative to becoming a morph.


He just can’t see them as people. Smart animals at best. He will not go out of his way to harm them, at least not anymore, but he will not treat them as equals.

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