Cecelia doesn’t like political, religious, or personal matters. They make her cry, don't make Cecelia cry. She also doesn’t like it when people badger staff for mod posts or to check apps (please use the tagbox under Links & Tags). She requests that people do not advertise or be hostile in the chat as well. If there is an issue, please contact staff privately. Let’s keep Cecelia happy and have a fun time! [Link to Cecelia]

This is the plotter box. He's currently without a name because his parents are rather lame. As one can imagine, one can plot in the plotter box, but RPing and other OOC dialogue are strictly forbidden. Please keep it fun for everyone.


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Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Mew Civilian 29-March 16 63
Noblesix Members 16-November 17 0
Novamoon Author 17-June 17 3
Nyx Civilian 22-March 17 114
Operator-01 Members 5-September 17 0
outcast Members 16-September 17 0
phantom Rebel 18-June 16 217
Raikou Civilian 23-March 16 115
sebastene mikaelic Civilian 27-December 17 6
Seras Volkov Rebel 19-May 17 18
Siren Members 14-September 17 7
Sugarray Sanders Members 24-August 17 0
terlim Administrator 8-March 16 613
Terra Military 17-March 16 882
THE BULWARK Rebel 23-March 16 226
The Thieves Rebel 29-March 16 132
Victini Civilian 29-March 16 62
Vivian Sinclair Military 18-September 17 2
Voltaire Delacroix Military 23-March 16 357
Xerneas Civilian 24-May 16 90
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