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 IV. Species and Factions
Posted:Aug 21 2017, 08:22 AM
Here at SYG we allow our players to roleplay as a variety of different specie types, ranging from human to pokemon to ghost. Please see below for all of your options. Some are available immediately, while some may be purchased as you roleplay on site.

Military Pokemorphs and Rebel Augmented Beings are free to play and do not require purchase.

(Factions documented in post below)

Playable Species
Pokémon are "animals" that possess the ability to control the elements. They are extremely powerful, very dangerous, and subject to careful monitoring in the present day. They can live anywhere from thirty years to beyond a few thousand. In Save Your Goodbyes, all pokémon have the ability to learn the human language. Like humans, they vary widely in both intelligence and physical abilities.

These creatures, especially those far from humanoid in appearance, are treated as second-class citizens. They can be captured, owned, and lack many rights that protect humanity. Penalties for harming a pokémon sometimes border on laughably soft. Overall, the majority of society fears Pokemon and the power that they hold.


  • Adaptable: most can now speak, read, and write the human language.
  • Can purchase their rights and be considered as free/citizens, protecting them from poaching and capturing. This also enables them to obtain work that is suitable to their typings (i.e. Chancey for medicine, Machamp for construction).
  • Gifted with elemental powers that give them a physical advantage over other species, such as humans.
  • By default, Pokémon not considered as citizens; without documented rights, Pokémon can be encapsulated, traded, or sold. Many living quarters will not permit Pokémon to stay unless “chaperoned” by a humanoid (Human, Mutant, or Pokémorph).
  • Barred from most education and promotion opportunities. On average, a Pokémon earns 50% less than their human counterparts.
  • Most Pokémon abilities and typings are documented, making them manageable and potentially predictable.

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Most of us, unless we have a few highly intelligent animals or extraterrestrials as members, are homo sapiens. The ones on Save Your Goodbyes are just like us. They just happen to also live in a world full of Pokémon and gods. In recent decades, the demographics of the region has skewed towards the extremes of age. Humans have no powers or special abilities. Unlike other races, they are susceptible to psychic attacks and ghostly possessions. However, they make up for these weaknesses through their sheer numbers.

Humans are part of every alignment known to man. Gifted ones, especially those that are successful and intelligent, are often recruited by the invading government. Their lack of hardiness bans them from certain jobs and certain environments. Recent times have seen a rise in cybernetic limbs for former war veterans and victims of accidents.


  • Power comes from wit and numbers.
  • Considered to be the most neutral of all playable species.
  • Industrious: known for creating cities, medicines, and other social/cultural advancements. Most political figures are human.
  • Are adaptable bases in that they can become Pokémorphs or Augmented Beings.
  • Physically weakest of all on-site species; susceptible to ghostly possession, psychic attacks, disease, and sickness.
  • Prone to prejudice, restricting other species, and creating chaos out of fear. This may result in collateral damage and “friendly fire.”
  • Create conflict even amongst their own kind and struggle to work together. Tend to resort to violence to solve disputes.
  • Have forgotten how to cohabitate with the earth. Advancements have caused great environmental damage.

These are humans born with an interesting power or ability. They can use telekinesis, set things on fire with their mind, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. Mutants are far rarer than normal humans and a minuscule subset of the population. While there is a wide spectrum for powers, ranging from physical to mental, there are some things mutations cannot do.

These powers do not allow users to change their size, become immortal, shape-shift, or grow body parts. Many mutants are harmed more than helped by their new found abilities. Laws aimed against limiting these individuals, have made many of them turn towards the rebellion.


  • Unlike Pokémon and Pokémorphs, mutant abilities vary so greatly that it is difficult to document, manage, and predict each mutation.
  • It is almost impossible to tell a mutant from a human without proper equipment (e.g. sensors) or seeing a mutation in action.
  • Some mutants are hardier than their human counterparts thanks to their mutations.
  • They can usually (though not always) use their abilities at will.
  • Feared by much of society for their abilities and are thus often targeted for discrimination in jobs, and even laws.
  • Genetically do not qualify for Pokémorphism process. Their mutations also make medicinal treatment is also difficult.
  • Many mutants have highly detrimental weaknesses. This is thought to limit their ability usage.
  • Mastery of their abilities takes hundreds, if not thousands of hours of dangerous practise. Some mutations can never be mastered.

Ghosts are the apparitions of departed. Formed of energy, there are three principal types of ghosts: Land-locked, Person-locked and Roaming. The reason for entrapment varies from ghost to ghost, but they each have a task they wish to achieve. Something they want to do (whether they know it or not). Any species can become a ghost, though they lose any abilities they had when alive. They normally appear as they looked at the best moments of their life, except where the reason for lingering is vengeful or related to a specific time period.

All ghosts are capable of utilising five basic abilities (invisibility, floating, telekinesis, tangibility, possession), though some have more specialised, unique skills. As they are created from energy, excessive use as well as damage drains them of their strength. In order to restore it, ghosts can leech power from electrical, heat or emotional sources, resulting in flickering lights and cold patches.

All ghosts on SYG came to Ottokar as a consequence of the ‘Day of the Dead’ event. Within Ottokar, they are being slowly, but warily accepted into more liberal societies, including some of the rebel groups. Corinth denies their existence, but the military are ordered to capture and destroy any identified. There is a growing minority taking up the role of exorcist to rid the city of these manifestations once and for all.


  • Immune to most physical attacks due to their intangible nature
  • As the apparitions of deceased people, they are practically immortal.
  • Can fuel themselves using electrical, heat and emotional energy
  • Able to use possession, invisibility, and telekinesis. Ghosts are also able to become tangible and float, among other specialised abilities.
  • Weak against psychic, dark, fairy and ghost type moves
  • Military are under direct orders to destroy any ghosts identified
  • Once damaged, it takes them a while to recover their strength and they can be destroyed if their energy is fully depleted.
  • Location- and person-locked ghosts are heavily limited in movement

Purchasable Species
Players must purchase the right to play the following types of Pokémorphs: Non-Military and 2nd Gen

Pokémorphs are fusions of humans and pokémon; they are produced by science and humanity’s answer to combating the dominance of mutants and thus are typically in militant positions. Becoming one is considered an immeasurable reward in the Corinthian military. While naturally distrustful of Pokémon, the military believes these creations will define the future success of humanity.

The Ottokari look upon them as a monstrosity. Almost all of them work for the government in some capacity and are carefully tended to by the government. The process tends to result in infertility in many who undertake it; those that have children are extensively studied. In order to stop complications that arise from evolution, nearly all Pokémon used in the process are fully evolved.

  • Pokémorphs are considered as elites (social status and military rank) within the Corinthian Empire. Pokémorphism is the greatest attainable reward.
  • Can be promoted to any high political or military position a human can, and even positions no other species can obtain such as higher military ranks.
  • Have the heightened senses and abilities their Pokémon halves are capable of, and can use them at will.
  • Able to hold their own in battle against Pokémon and Mutants depending upon typing.
  • The morphing process is highly dangerous and the process nearly always results in weaknesses: weak bones, vitamin deficiencies, consistent infertility, and deformities. As a result, evolution and mega-evolution can be fatal or irreparably crippling. (Why?)
  • They are marked and tracked by the military as property.
  • Weak to the same elements as their Pokémon counterparts, and can only be fabricated from a Human/Pokémon splicing (as Mutant/Pokémon is too unstable).
  • Are considered as abominations by most outside of Corinthian origin/influence. In Ottokar, anti-splicing rallies irregularly take place.

Like the gods of Mount Olympus, these are the pokémon that control nature itself. They are immortal and one of a kind; many consider them to be the most powerful beings in the world. It is very difficult to capture or misuse one. They can take on human form in order to disguise themselves and prevent capture.

While the deities tend to hide from humanity, their legends are a daily part of society. Religions and churches have been built around these mythical creatures. In current times, legendaries can be found blending into society in nearly any allegiance or occupation. A large majority of them, fearing retribution from Arceus, try not to take part in conflict. The being who created them has the power to strip them of abilities and wipe their minds. Even gods have something to fear. Intense emotions make their human guises waver. Each god has a specific "tell" in their human form that might give away their identity, meaning a physical attribute from their pokemon form is somehow translated into their human form. Only one is needed.

Members may purchase up to two legendary characters.(More Information)


  • Are typically the strongest of all species with few exceptions.
  • Enigmatic by nature, legendaries are difficult to track. Unbeknownst to most (who believe legendaries do exist), they can adopt a human form.
  • In Ottokar, they are revered as gods, which has protected them in the past.
  • Physical tells give away their identity to keen eyes.
  • Often required to carry out tasks by their ruler, Arceus. Failure to do so may result in some form of divine punishment.
  • Are not revered by the now dominant Corinthian Empire. Military is ordered to capture any identified.

Spliced Pokémon
Created by military science, these are the forced mixture of no more than three separate species of fully-evolved Pokemon. Nearly all of these splices exist within the structure of the government and the country’s oppressors. They serve a variety of uses and can be found in nearly every department of the organization. Life is not typically pleasant for these hybrids and they face a wide variety of health issues.


  • Combination of DNA often means they are more powerful than a normal Pokémon.
  • Unpredictable due to the range of moves known.
  • While some can't due to malformation, most splices can speak human language.
  • Often physically disfigured and suffer from health problems.
  • Typically enslaved by Corinthian militia straight from the lab. Barred from most forms of higher education and promotion opportunities.
  • Possess known weaknesses to various elemental types, and cannot evolve or mega-evolve without fatal/crippling results.

Augmented Beings
Players must purchase the right to play the following types of augmented beings: non-rebel

Where Corinth focused on biology, Ottokar prioritised technology; unfortunately, their greatest success came only after the war with the help of the rebels and their technological genius. Creating cybernetic beings, the rebels use their augments to fight back against Corinth's Pokemorphs. They enjoy enhanced physical conditions and the ability to use technology and machinery at an advanced level.

Their upgrades can range from mere limbs to full body transformations, exchanging blood and bone for steel and machinery. They can integrate with technology and upgrade their bodies with weaponry. However, they suffer from weaknesses to water and electric-type abilities and require constant maintenance to keep their new bodies running. As they are visibly different from the other races, they may be ostracized and at risk of being hunted down by the military.


  • Body parts can be replaced, upgraded, or fixed.
  • Many have extra defenses or weaponry embedded into their new bodies.
  • Able to integrate with technology and machinery.
  • Enhanced physical condition.
  • Often unable to pass as a normal human and face racism.
  • Pokémorphs are unable to become cyborgs. Mutants and Pokémon can only get sectoral augments (no half/full-body augs)
  • Require frequent, and expensive maintenance.
  • Especially weak to water and electric-type abilities.
Posted:Aug 21 2017, 08:36 AM
There are two primary competing factions on SYG: The Corinthian Empire versus the Ottokari Rebellion. You can read more about them below.
Playable Factions
Corinthian Empire
The Corinthian Empire reigns over the region of Ottokar, controlling the government and all major offices within both the city of Eintracht and the country beyond. Its members are usually involved in the military, either acting directly as soldiers or supporting the occupation by specialising in science, technology and medicine.

Core beliefs

Members believe in the dominance and right of the Corinthian Empire, seeing its invasion of Ottokar as a defensive response to Ottokar’s aggressions. Their present aim is to track down and remove the final elements of resistance in the country, namely in the form of the Ottokari Rebellion, who continue to attack and terrorise the civilians.

Scientific and medical advancement are the core motivations for the Corinthian empire, with goals and aims of the Empire taking priority over those of an individual. A major military powerhouse, high ranks in the military are aspired to, with Pokémorphism seen as a particular form of honour.

The majority of military members remain Corinthian or have Corinthians in their family. Within these families, it is seen as natural for individuals to sign up to the military. However, more Ottokari have joined in recent years, be it because they believe in the regime, because they want a better life for their family, or because they think they can make a difference on the inside.


The leader is currently Lucien Delacroix, who acts as the Overseer for the region. While he has a council to advise him, the Overseer runs the country without opposition or recourse, leading to some calling him a dictator. Beneath him sits his council, and the three ministries that make up the Empire in Ottokar:

  • Ministry of Progress, led by Zahara Eisenhardt, governs science and maintains the development of Pokémorphs, using whatever methods necessary, even unethical.
  • Ministry of Care, led by Bastien Fontaine, governs medical care and controls all access to medical care in the region, as well as pursuit and closure of illegal practices.
  • Ministry of Control, led by Dominique Bernard, manages enforcement and utilises both military and civilian police to keep the populace in line, while espionage is used to entrap rebels.

Who can join?

  • Humans – Found at every rank, though it is difficult to gain promotions at higher ranks without resorting to Pokémorphism.
  • Pokémorphs – More common at the higher ranks. Pokémorphism is granted to exceptional individuals within the military, often with a number of years of service behind them. (Because most Pokémorphs are sterile, born Pokémorphs [called Second Gens] are very rare and must be purchased.)
  • Pokémon – Usually kept by a human or Pokémorph handler. Those Pokémon that have purchased their rights must still report to a human or Pokémorph officer and struggle to gain promotion.
  • Mutants – Looked down upon and usually restricted to lower ranks. Required to wear blue armbands indicating their mutant status
  • Ghosts – Not seen as ‘people’. May be captured for testing purposes.
  • Augments – Very rarely seen.
Ottokari Resistance
The Ottokari Rebellion is the nation’s last stand against the invading cancer that is the Corinthian Empire. Seeing the regime as a dictatorship, enforcing brutality upon its inhabitants and encouraging discrimination and persecution of Pokémon and mutants, the Rebellion aims to liberate the country and free its people. Its members tend to be loyal, highly patriotic, and resilient, relying on terrorism, sabotage and protests to counter the regime.

Core beliefs

Members fight for the liberation of Ottokar and its values of religious and racial freedom. They object to the growing persecution of mutants and Pokémon, the Pokémorph abominations, and the restriction of key freedoms. Their aim is to overthrow the Empire and regain control of major government, using augmented beings to counter the Pokémorph threat.

The majority of members are Ottokari, though some are Corinthians who have defected from the regime. Ages vary greatly. Some were in the war and remember the brutality that took place. Younger members have seen their beloved country and liberal ideals get torn up in favour of military rule.


The current leader is Anne Schafer. In an attempt to keep intelligence from the Empire, she is the only one who knows all details of the rebellion’s plans and is usually protected by a close-knit guard. Her home base is in Stronghold Svoboda. Below her, the rebels usually act in semi-autonomous, close knit units. Like a hydra, if one unit is removed, another two can move into take its place. These units treat each other like family.

Within the rebellion, there are a few splinter groups with different opinions and beliefs:

  • The New Order, led by Gisella Zimmerman, strongly favour the use of augments to achieve victory against the Corinthian Empire, seeing these as the next generation of human and Pokémon evolution. All individuals in this group have highly customised augments, illustrated with personal insignia. They are most likely to accept rebel Pokémorphs and look down on the unaugmented.
  • The Royalists, led by Rupert von Brandburg, believe that Ottokar has failed due to its abandonment of its monarchy. They wish to restore the Ottokari royal family, planning to instate the Rebel Leader as ‘Queen’, and harbour strong patriotic and religious beliefs. Unlike other rebels, they view Pokémon as subservient to humans.
  • The Pokémon Liberation Front, led by Saffron, fights only to guarantee the rights of Pokémon, believing them to be equal to humans and deserving of the same treatment as them. They oppose the view that Pokémon are tools, and object to splicing, Pokémorphism, and the use of Pokémon for fighting.

Who can join?

  • Humans – Found at every rank, though it is common for them to gain augments during their time in the rebellion due to the advantage it gives.
  • Pokémorphs – Very rarely seen, the few Pokémorph defectors are treated with heavy suspicion and concern. They are usually excluded from more serious missions until they have proven their loyalty to the rebellion.
  • Pokémon – Treated with respect by most rebels, they are allowed to hold the same ranks and positions as their human and augmented counterparts and sometimes form their own units. It is still unusual for Pokémon to have jobs outside of their typings. Tend to subscribe to the PLF.
  • Mutants – Treated with respect and granted same ranks as humans and augmented. Their varying abilities mean that they are often used in specialist missions to provide the element of surprise. More Mutants have joined the rebellion since the requirement to wear identifying bands and wrist bands.
  • Ghosts – Treated with wariness but not opposed. Due to the chaos caused, it is harder for ghosts to gain access
  • Augments – A large number of rebels have upgraded to augmentations to fight back against the Pokémorphs created by the Corinthian Empire. It is very common to see humans and Pokémon with customised augments, and it is sometimes seen as a rite of passage for new members.
Neutral Parties
The Civilians

Living as best they can under the restrictive regime of the empire, the civilians of Ottokar are those trying to continue on with their lives. Often, they end up casualties caught in the cross fire. These are the shop owners, the businessmen, the farmers, the lawyers, and the bartenders. These are average people, those who disagreed with the war, who want to keep their families safe. As long as they do not rock the boat too severely, they may live somewhat standard lives.

The Disbanded League

Seen as a way of developing military might within the region, Corinth deemed the Ottokari Pokémon league to be a threat to the regime and it was disbanded ten years ago following the conquest of Ottokar by Corinth. However, the gym leaders and elite four did not fall quietly. An underground series of fighting rings was set up by one of the most prominent gym leaders and remains ongoing in the underbelly of Ottokar. It is illegal to be involved with this league, but numerous individuals continue to participate.

The Mafia

The underground subways of Tartarus are a hotbed of criminals and rebels. For almost a decade, they have been governed by competing mafia families:

  • The Hyuang-Ye mafia originates from the confederation and subscribes to a strict code of honour. Operating the fighting dens in the slums, they protect civilians who live in their domain…in exchange for money, of course.
  • The Serratore family are a jack of all trades mafia, with fingers in everything from Pokémon smuggling to racketeering to loan sharking, to gambling. Members of the head family are identified by their pale hair and mutations.
  • The Volkov family comes from Sinnoh and primarily rule over the trade of bodies, be it prostitutes, slaves, or Pokémon poaching. Their strength lies in connections, with strong ties to other groups outside of Ottokar, and they supply the rebels with equipment for a price.

The Tribes

Before there were humans, there were Pokémon, and before there were cities, there were tribes. The Ottokari region has always been known to numerous tribes, but its most prominent are the Funkelnd Tribe, the Ramsar tribe and the Ruhig tribe.

  • The Ramsar Tribe is found in the wetlands of the Totenkopf forest. Isolated, they avoid strangers and decorate themselves with the bones of unwitting victims of the swamp. Offend one and you offend them all.
  • The Funkelnd tribe lives within highly decorated caves in the Himmel mountains. Famous for hot springs, travellers and military troops often visit to enjoy a pricey soak.
  • The Ruhig Tribe is a desert tribe and live in a hidden city deep within the sands. They are the only ones able to navigate the sandstorms in the desert and guide travellers through its depths. Loyal to the rebellion, their refusal to assist military troops has led to the far reaches remaining a rebel foothold.

Church of true believer

One of the largest cult communities established in the slums and led by Eduart Severend, a self-styled 'Archbishop', this church is built around a twisted version of the Church of Arceus. Little is known outside the walls of their community, but several kidnappings have been traced to the complex. All sides of the conflict have been known to have the area blacklisted and under supervision. This church offers many Pokémon-related items to converts.


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