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terlim Posted on Jan 1 2017, 11:12 AM
Pokemon Battle SystemBattling SystemWe do not require, or desire, you to measure game statistics during battle. Our battling system is free-form and meant to reflect a larger degree of realism than what is seen in the game. We only have the following things to keep in mind: please allow your opponent time to respond to each attack, please avoid dodging multiple attacks in sequence, and please be open to both wins and losses.What we do require of members is one simple statistic: a percentage of health remaining. . Please display this clearly somewhere in each battle post. We are not picky about its placement. Just use this as a gauge to track the progress of battle as it goes across posts. It is also highly helpful to have attacks used summarized at the base of each posts. Leveling SystemIn place of a leveling system, we have sorted Pokemon into five separate groups of experience and power. Within these tiers, Pokemon can be considered equal and a fight between them fair and equitable. Between these different groups, it is highly unlikely that a higher tier would lose to a lower one. Please keep in mind trainer and Pokemon ages. Master level Pokemon are typically over the age of forty or owned by trainers of that age range.When you wish to move a Pokemon to the next tier, please post in the staff notification thread. We will evaluate and approve this tier advancement. NON-BATTLER: These are Pokémon who do not battle. They can be elderly, despise the process, or be permanently handicapped. Their general level of battling experience does not matter. They are considered the least effective of all battlers.Corresponding Levels: 1-100Requirements for Expanding to Next Rank: Not Applicable NEW BATTLER - Any pokémon freshly hatched from its egg, or new to battling, falls into this category. Most of these Pokémon are relatively young. They easily fall prey to the pokémon in the other categories. Characters must have two on-site battles to advance from this rank to the next.Corresponding Levels: 1-20 Methods for Expanding to Next Rank: Participate in two battles/missionsNOVICE BATTLER -These are battlers who have been around the block a few times. They have lost battles, won battles, and gained some level of experience. These are usually Pokémon who would often be considered young adults. This bracket corresponds to all pokémon between levels 21 and 40.Corresponding Levels: 21 - 40Methods for Expanding to Next Rank: Participate in five battles/missionsADEPT BATTLER - Pokémon in this category usually see more wins than loses and are moderate battlers. They fall in-between the advanced and the weak. This bracket covers to all pokémon between levels 41 and 60. It takes six or so battles to move into experienced. These Pokemon must be at least ten years old. In order to control them, a trainer must at least a teenager.Corresponding Levels: 41-60Methods for Expanding to Next Rank: Participate in ten battles/missionsEXPERIENCED BATTLER - These are those who emerge victorious more than not. They have been fighting for at least a decade. These are mostly considered middle-aged pokémon. Many gym leaders' pokémon fall into this category. Corresponding Levels: 61-80Methods for Expanding to Next Rank: Participate in twenty battles/missions.MASTER BATTLER - These are the war-torn veterans, the champions of battling, and the most experienced of all Pokémon. These are the ones who have mastered the art of battling. Pokémon between levels 81 and 100 fall into this category.Note: Aside from canon characters, your character may only start with a maximum of two master level pokemon.Corresponding Levels: 81-100Methods for Expanding to Next Rank: Not applicable Capturing PokemonWhen starting out on SYG, you will be limited to a total number of six pokemon in your party if military/rebel and four pokemon if civilian. These may be any pokemon of your choosing at levels that match the character's experience. The only exception to this is master level, which is limited to two pokemon in a party. However, once you begin playing, you may wish to begin capturing additional pokemon for your team. In SYG, pokemon capture is a valid way of expanding and building upon your character's capabilities. There are two main ways that you can gain new pokemon:1) Purchase a pokeball from shop then request a modded capture thread. A moderator will randomly generate the pokemon for you and you will have the opportunity to fight and capture that pokemon. Success is not guaranteed and will be at the mod's discretion on whether you were successful in winning the pokemon. 2) Purchase a pokemon from the shop then roleplay meeting that pokemon in thread. This is a preferred option if your character is against using pokeballs or does not wish to fight the pokemon. In the shop, you may purchase a mystery pokemon (randomly generated by a mod) or buy the pokemon of your desire. This is the only way to gain mutated or spliced pokemon.Once your character has captured/gained their pokemon, they will need to consider storage. if their party was not full, the pokemon may be added to their main profile in the character section. You may expand your character's party slots by a maximum of two by purchasing these rights in the shop. However, any additional pokemon will need to be recorded in a pokemon storage page within character extras. It is currently illegal in Ottokar for any character to possess more than four pokemon (if civilian) or six pokemon (if military) without acquiring a license, so be aware that capturing and storing large numbers of pokemon will attract military concern and interest. For further information, please see the Law SupplementEvolutionAdvancing in rank allows players to evolve their team. When a Pokémon’s level matches the rank it would evolve, such as novice battler for Ivysaur, members may evolve their character's pokémon. This can also happen at any time when they are in that evolutionary tier. No Specific Requirements for Evolution: This method applies to all Pokemon that evolve through a means other than leveling up., those that evolve via other means be it happiness, or trading or items are not required to follow the in game methods. For example this means that a Gligar does not need to be holding a specific item at night in order to evolve, and that a Munchlax can evolve at player discretion. This also applies to trading dependent Pokemon, meaning a Scyther or Haunter can evolve without need for characters to trade. Evolution Stones: As evolution stones and Mega Stones are purchasable in the shop, Pokemons dependent on them for evolution must first purchase these items in store Please note that these are individual stones, and players wishing to use the effects for more then one Pokemon, will have to purchase stones equaling the number of Pokemon they wish to evolve.***If you are uncertain of the terms and conditions for any of your Pokemon, please feel free to pm a member of staff.
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