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No New Posts The Lowdown
Welcome to Save Your Goodbyes! Everything you need to know - and more - can be located here! If something's missing, just message one of the admins and we'll provide an answer when we can! <3
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27 7 Jan 1 2017, 11:12 AM
In: Pokemon Battle System
By: terlim
No New Posts Missions
All missions, both member and staff-hosted, will be posted within this thread. When completed, they will be archived and rewards handed out. Failure can sometimes have horrid consequences.
Subforums: Mission List, Mission Discussion, Pending Missions, Retired Missions

20 53 Apr 7 2017, 04:09 PM
In: Pokérus Collection [MIL]
By: terlim
No New Posts Site Emporium
Spend all of your on-site money within this board. Each member has their own shop thread. Be certain that your character does not require one component to be purchased within this shop.
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12 72 Apr 20 2017, 04:46 PM
In: Stardust Buys Things
By: terlim
No New Posts News Stand
Extra, extra! Any updates on the site, be it in- or out-of-character related, will be posted here!
5 29 Apr 7 2017, 04:32 PM
In: April Activity Check
By: Nyx

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No New Posts Citizen Logs
All of the current characters of SYG, along with the works in progress, can be found within this board. Characters are separated by faction and labelled for easy sorting. Please remember to read all the rules and topics within before finishing an application.
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226 334 Apr 24 2017, 01:58 PM
In: Dolores Clementine Inferos[...
By: Dolores
No New Posts Plotting
Within this board, you will find the following: plotters, thread trackers, and wanted advertisements. Please use this board to generate new plots and ideas.
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In: Frey's Plotter
By: Nyx
No New Posts Character Extras
Items in this board help enhance character information. You can find the following in this board: character communications, trainer inventories, short stories, and AU role-playing.
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16 144 Apr 16 2017, 02:04 PM
In: Letter of Recommendation
By: Dr. Zahara Eisenhardt
No New Posts Alternate Universe
Use this thread to scratch any itches revolving around alternate universes and your characters. Please make certain to mark them.
2 26 Nov 8 2016, 06:30 PM
In: [M] A Death in the Family (...
By: Caterina Serratore

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No New Posts [ML] Castle District
Formally known as the Area of Regional Oversight, the Castle District is the political heart of Ottokar. Within the district’s walls rests governmental offices, wealthy homes, and the largest of the city's garrisons. Given the heavily fortified and secure nature of the district, along with a moat like structure, the name Castle District arose naturally. The doors are guarded by psychic-types who scan visitors for suspicious thoughts and a handful of other security measures. Levels of admittance vary by user.
Subforums: [ML] The Spire, [N] The Square of Eternal Peace, [N] Saint Bell's Hall, [ML] [LOCKED] District 18, [ML] Dame Frieden Hospital

20 338 Apr 24 2017, 06:31 PM
In: Sour Grapes [Volt]
By: Terra
No New Posts [R]The Slums
The largest district in the city, it's not exactly a pretty place to be. The masses of the poor wallow here. Bazaars, medical clinics, and roving armored patrols represent the government's involvement here. Outside the areas close to them and the checkpoints, criminal empires flourish, while churches and cults set up communities preying on the desperate.
Subforums: [N] Church of the True Believer, [R] Tartarus, [N] Archduchy of Wallis St., [R] Black Market, [R] Huang-Ye Fighting Den

20 299 Apr 6 2017, 04:24 PM
In: Brothers in chains [The pri...
By: The Thieves
No New Posts [N] Industrialized District
The Commercially Industrialized Zone has been given the moniker of the works for providing a large percentage of the jobs available in the city. Smoke stacks and heavy factories stretch towards the skies, spewing out nearly all commercial manufacturing that occurs in the city. Speckled throughout this area of the abandoned and ruined, are small plot farms that supply most of the food to native people of Ottokar. These small wilderness areas host many Pokemon gangs.

Subforums: [N] Industrial Park, [R] The Alleys, [N] The Reservoir

14 140 Mar 23 2017, 01:32 PM
In: Slip [Temero]
By: Maxine Clermont
No New Posts [ML/N] Midtown
The district sits between the outer expanse that is the Slums, and the inner most sanctum of the Castle District. It is the area that suffers most casualties in the fighting. While crime rate is almost as low as in the Castle District, security is rather heavy here due the many checkpoints that are scattered throughout it. Housing, commerce, and entertainment is the most prevalent in this area. By all intents it appears the most is an eclectic mix of Corinthian technology and natural Ottokar architecture. This area, if you ignore the armed patrols and scars of war, is almost idyllic.
Subforums: [N] Archibald Green, [N] Commerce District, [N] Cultural District, [N] Red Light District, [N] Otto University

38 669 Yesterday at 05:49 pm
In: The White Deerling
By: Terra

Collapse   The Wilds
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No New Posts Org.
Solely dedicated to player–made and player–driven organisations, this forum is home to all the larger groups whether they be affiliated to the military, rebels, or neither. Group locations are also liberal, meaning they can be within the walls or beyond. To purchase your own organisation subform, please refer to the site shop.
Subforums: [R] POLARIS

7 116 Apr 11 2017, 06:05 PM
In: Laundry Day [Maia]
By: phantom
No New Posts [ML] Himmel Mountains
Crossing the nothern boundaries of Ottokar, the Himmel Mountains form a natural border between Ottokar and Corinth. Tall and broad, their peaks spear clouds, earning them their name. While many have tried to climb the mountains, none have succeeded, falling foul to their icy, trecherous territory. Due to their role in maintaining the border, the mountains are patrolled and watched by the Corinthian military. Hikers and visiters are allowed as long as they carry permits.
Subforums: [ML] Blitzwald, [ML] The Border Zone, [N] Funkelnd Glacier

1 6 Feb 23 2017, 12:21 PM
In: A Ring Over a Claw
By: Kit
No New Posts [R] The Western Reaches
Towards the wast of Ottokar, a desert sprawls across the region. While it is a desert in the traditional sense, with expanses of sand and little vegetation, it is surprisingly cool and often hit with fierce winds coming in from the Southern Sea. As a result, sandstorms are common in this area, and it is difficult to traverse without a willing guide from one of the desert tribes. On the otherside of the desert, there is a segregated area of land. Consisting mainly of rich plains fed by a river running from the border mountains, it has been taken up as a last stronghold by the Rebellion.
Subforums: [N] Ruins of Otto, [R] The Ruhig Oasis, [R] Stronghold Svoboda

6 52 Yesterday at 05:47 pm
In: Even Kings meet new people ...
By: Diancie
No New Posts [N] The Broken Plains
The centre of Ottokar is dominated by great swathes of savannah and grassland. Once, this area was known for its fertility, with farmland stretching as far as the eye could see. Now, it more closely resembles a warzone. The war left scarring gashes in its surface, resulting in rugged, uneven land and patches of barren soil. The blight devastated those few areas that remained healthy.
Subforums: [N] Field of Bones, [N] Klarewasser River, [N] Blyehorst, [ML] Farming District

2 8 Nov 27 2016, 04:49 PM
In: Timely Spirits [Phantom]
By: phantom
No New Posts [N] Totenkopf Forests
To the North East of the broken plains lies the TotenKopf forest. Broad and dense, it spreads across a vast expanse of the country. Formed of a mixture of coniferous and deciduous trees, it is possible to walk for days and not reach the edge of the forest. Many people have gotten lost and died within its depths. Because of its scale, it is common for bandits and robbers to target those travelling through it on one of the two main roads. The military suspect rebels continue to hide in this area, and raids are common.
Subforums: [N] Ramsar Wetlands, [N] The Hanging Tree, [R] Verlorene, [N]Temples of the Human soul

5 49 Apr 24 2017, 06:35 PM
In: What makes the human soul? ...
By: Diancie
No New Posts [N] Valsparian Sea
The great Valsparian Sea lines the southern edge of Ottokar and sweeps up along its right side where it joins one of the larger oceans. At the very southern tip of Ottokar, the coast is flat and sandy, with beaches stretching for miles. However, the further north one might walk, the more rugget it becomes, with tall, white cliffs overlooking the ocean. There were once many fishing villages and ports here, but the hurricane Valerie destroyed the majority less than half a century ago. Where rebuilding has occured, it has been limited by the Corinthian takeover. In the distance, just off the eastern coast, one can see the island of Valspar on a sunny day.
Subforums: [ML] Port of Liberic, [R] Little Rotlich, [N] The Carvanha caves

4 3 Dec 21 2016, 11:28 PM
In: Summon Bigger Fish [open]
By: Gunther Koenig

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No New Posts Member Discussion
Most out of character discussion, including forum games, will belong here.
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47 552 Apr 24 2017, 09:29 AM
In: A Short Break
By: Stardust
No New Posts Advertising & Affiliation
For all of your forum marketing needs, please enter this board. Inside you will find a place for first time advertisements, linking back, and a thread to apply for affiliation. The forum is guest enabled.

Accepting Affiliates! 2 spots left!

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In: their world
By: Guest_retro
No New Posts Archives
All old archived goods will be found here.
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In: Day of the Dead Prizes
By: terlim

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